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The Width, Profile, and Diameter can then be entered into the search box on the top of the screen.

These numbers can be selected from the drop down lists, or typed into the search box.
Once you have selected the required tyre size click the Search Button.
The results will be displayed below.

How To Select Items To Purchase

The items matching your search criteria will appear in the Search Results box.

If you would like to select an item or a number of items enter the quantity required into the quantity column (with the white square ate the end)

The Tab key will take you to the next quantity box
When you have made your selections you can either click the 'Add This Items To Order' Button or press the Enter Key
This will take you immediately to your current order screen

Tyre Size Guide

When searching for a tyre, you will need to know your tyre Width, Profile and Diameter. If you don't know these, you can quickly find out by looking at the numbers (usually raised) on the side of your existing tyre.

Example of tyre showing Width, Profile, and Diameter.

Inch Up Guide

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